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Estate Planning - What are your options?
About half of Californians would benefit from our Trust Package, while the other half would benefit most from our Will Package. Our attorney will discuss with you the appropriate estate planning documents for you based on your individual needs.

Here is a brief overview of our services:

Will Package Contents:

  • Will(s) 
  • Durable Power(s) of Attorney
  • Health Care Directive(s)
  • Guardianship Nomination (if you have minor children)
  • Advice regarding beneficiary designations and joint ownership.   

Living Trust Package Contents:            

  •   Living Trust (including appropriate estate tax planning language)
  •   Pour-over Will(s)
  •   Durable Power(s) of Attorney
  •   Health Care Directive(s)
  •   Transfer of your California Home(s) into Trust
  •   Certification of Trust
  •   Guardianship Nomination

Additional services:
If additional services are needed, prices for such services will be quoted prior to work. Quotes will be based on attorney's usual hourly rate.

Transfer on Death Deeds for Real Property:
If appropriate, Transfer on Death Deed(s) (aka "Lady Bird Deeds") are available as an additional service.           

Special Needs Planning: 

If you have a loved one who would benefit from special needs planning, our attorney is happy to discuss the options available to you.

1.  Please call (925) 831-0636 to make an estate planning appointment and consultation with our attorney.  Our staff will guide you through the initial steps to gather the necessary information so that you can come to your first appointment well prepared to discuss your estate planning needs.  Our staff can also quote you the price range for services but the final determination of price will not be made until you meet with the attorney and discuss your individual estate planning needs.

2.  At the initial appointment, you will discuss your estate planning wishes and needs with the attorney. At that time, the attorney will make recommendations and will indicate whether any "Additional Services," as discussed above, will be needed and recommend estate planning options to you.  Please note that we offer a free ½ hour consultation and you are under no obligation upon the conclusion of the 30 minute consultation to use our services.  Generally, you can expect your first meeting to last 1 ½ hours if you would like to move forward at the conclusion of the free ½ hour consultation.

3.  If you wish to hire us, you will sign a contract for services (required by law for attorney contracts over $1000). 

4.  We will begin work once you have paid your deposit as outlined in your contract.  Your payment may be made by credit card, cash, or by personal check.

5.  We will send you a full draft of your estate planning documents in about two weeks, along with a list of any additional information needed from you.  If you require a faster turnaround time, please discuss your urgent estate planning needs with our staff during your initial phone call.

6.  Once you have contacted us with your questions, comments, additional information, and requests for modifications, we will make final modifications to your documents.  You will then schedule a time to come in for your signing appointment.
7.  We will provide a notary at no additional cost to you, at the signing appointment. After you have signed the documents, we will scan them for our files and give the originals to you in an estate planning binder.         

We look forward to hearing from you.