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Trusts & Probate

Trusts and Probate matters deal with the legal aspects and sensitive issues relating to planning your estate, protecting against your possible incapacity, and transfers upon your death.  These matters directly impact family relationships between spouses, children, parents and families. Every individual and every family is unique and face their own challenges and have their own ideals.  As such, there are very few things in life which are more challenging and daunting than trusts and probate matters. The legal issues involved in such cases, coupled with the emotions and unforeseen life changes can become overwhelming. We are here to help with these challenges.

When choosing a trusts and probate attorney you are building another relationship. Look for an attorney who not only has knowledge and experience, but also compassion, understanding, confidentiality and the ability to work closely with you through these challenging legal matters.  We take great pride in getting to know you and your concerns in order to effectively carry out your wishes.

We represent a variety of clients, including individuals, trustees, executors, administrators, private professional fiduciaries, agents under durable powers of attorney, heirs, and beneficiaries.

Trusts & Probate services offered at Hyden Zakheim, LLP include:

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