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L-1 Intra-Company and

L-2 Family of L Visa Holder

The L-1 or intra company business visa, allows managers and executives to transfer from a foreign company to a “related” company in the US. There are several factors that need to be established for L-1 visa consideration: first, the relationship between the foreign and US companies needs to be clear: a parent, affiliated, subsidiary or branch location are some examples of this relationship.

Next, the following must be met by the transferring foreign employee: 1) the L-1 applicant must be in a managerial, executive or “specialized knowledge” position within the foreign company, 2) he or she must have been an employee of this company for no less than three years and 3) he/she must be coming to the US to work in a managerial, executive or “specialized knowledge” capacity.

My spouse is here on an L-2 with me, may he work? Can my L-2 children attend school?

Yes, your children may attend public elementary and secondary schools. However, neither your spouse nor your children may work. An L-2 visa may be subject to a change of status to another non-immigrant employment visa if proper qualifications are met.