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Fees are often a source of struggle and frustration for many law clients. At Hyden Zakheim, LLP we seek to eliminate this frustration by making our fee structure reasonable, clear and most importantly, transparent.  We strongly encourage you to ask questions about the perspective costs of your case and what can be done to minimize the costs. Please don’t be shy. Open dialogue on fees should help you feel at ease.

Family Law and Litigation

Since it is impossible to accurately anticipate the amount of work involved in each individual case (some are resolved quickly and easily, others prove extremely time consuming and litigious), all our family law and litigation matters are billed on an hourly basis. At first meeting, your attorney can begin to provide “ballpark” estimates on your case. At the onset of the case, a retainer is deposited into our trust account linked to the California State Bar. All fees and costs are billed monthly to this retainer account. In the event there is a balance left in the trust account at the conclusion of your case, it will be refunded to you. As a general rule, our partners and senior attorneys bill $485/hour, associate attorneys at $375/hour, senior paralegal at $295/hour, and paralegals at $250/hour. However, we honor a variety of discounts on the bill rates above.

Immigration and Estate Planning

All immigration and estate planning work is done on a flat fee basis. Your attorney will be able to provide accurate quotes on your specific matter at the conclusion of the consultation.

Controlling Costs