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Student Visas F-1 and F-2

If you are interested in pursuing an education in the US, you may be eligible for an F-1 Student Visa.

To begin, you must be accepted to study at an established institution approved by the US Investigations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and in compliance with the SEVIS program. The school will then issue a SEVIS Form I-20. You will then need to demonstrate to the authorities that 1) you meet the academic requirements, 2) you will leave the US once the course of study is completed, 3) you have sufficient finances to attend school without employment, and 4) that you are proficient in English (unless there is a valid reason for exception to this requirement.)


I am in the US on an F-1 Visa. Can I work? 
The general answer to this is that you may not seek off-campus employment. However there are exceptions to the “no employment” requirement for F-1 visas. You may be able to work on-campus or off-campus under Optional Practical Training.

What can my family do while on a F-2 visa? 
While the F-2 visa permits your spouse and children (under age 21) to join you in the US, their stay here is very limited. The children may attend public elementary and secondary school. However, none of your family members may be employed in any manner.