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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious charge and is not to be taken lightly. When violence or the threat of violence accompanies a divorce or any other family law dispute, a restraining order may become necessary. Whether you have suffered domestic violence or are the alleged perpetrator, the attorneys at Hyden-Zakheim have a great deal of experience in this difficult area.

The first step to asserting a domestic violence case is to request a Temporary Restraining Order. Such orders are issued Ex-Parte (without notice) upon proper application. The order is temporary, requiring a hearing to get “permanent” orders. (See Domestic Violence FAQs)

If you are establishing a claim for domestic violence or defending against a domestic violence charge, do not attempt to handle this serious legal issue on your own. Securing professional, competent and experienced representation can help avoid horrendous and life changing ramifications. Domestic violence family law hearings can be quasi-criminal trials, subject to all rules of evidence and court procedure. You may have an excellent claim or defense, but without proper representation you may not be able to present all the evidence you wish. You must take all necessary action to be fully and effectively prepared.

In addition to issues of safety, domestic violence cases affect many other aspects of family law including child custodyattorney fees, living situations, spousal support and more. Further, domestic violence cases may affect a party’s criminal record, incarceration, immigration status and even employability and earning capacity.

Domestic Violence FAQs