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Visitor Visas (B)

There are two types of B Visas: B-1 business visa and B-2 tourism visa. The B-2 visa is probably the most common visa used for temporary entrance to the US.

B-2 Visa:

The B-2 is used for persons entering the US for pleasure, whether on a tour group or for visiting relatives. It is also commonly used for persons entering the US to receive medical or dental treatment.

I am here on a B visa and was offered a job. May I accept? 
While you may accept, you can not work! You will need to change status in order to do anything other than recreational activity while on your B-2 visa.

How long can I stay in the US in B status? 
Upon entry into the US, the immigration officer will provide you with an I-94 card which will be added to your passport. That card (and not the visa) will dictate the length of time you may legally remain in the US.

B-1 Visa

This visa if for business travelers. It permits the holder to attend a variety of business related activities such as attendance at meetings, conventions, conferences and negotiation. All these activities must be on behalf of a foreign employer. It is critical to understand that performing work, employment and receiving payment from a US entity is not permitted under the B-1 visa.

It is very important to note that persons traveling on B visas “promise” the US government that their intent is to visit the United States and then return to their homeland.